Corner Bathroom Vanities Solve the Space Problem


    If you have a bathroom vanity that seems to be taking up too much space in a small bathroom, there is a solution. Today there are space-saving bathroom vanities that can make the most of the corner areas and leave you with more floor space to move around or utilize for other furniture items such as linen cabinets. These corner vanities can be tucked neatly away without taking up any more space than they have to. If you’re looking for a single bathroom vanity to enhance the guest bathroom or a bathroom in a smaller home, this is your ideal choice.

    You can find single bathroom vanities in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles – all designed to fit snuggly into the corner. Some have cabinets, some have drawers, some have open shelving, some are hung on the wall – it all depends on your tastes and your storage requirements. You can make an impressive statement with a very modern-looking design of clean lines and bold colors, or choose one with a more traditional look including ornate details.

    When shopping for corner bath vanities, it is important to utilize every inch of the space you have available in order to free up more room. These single vanities typically range in size from 12 inches wide and up, most having an adequate counter-top space and a small cabinet area underneath for storage. You can also make the most of the space by adding a matching mirror with lighting fixtures. Not only does an adequately-sized mirror provide a place to see your reflection – the mirror can also create the effect of a bigger room. With carefully planned paint colors and the right accessories, you can create a striking look and the appearance of a larger space even in the smallest of rooms.

    Whether you choose a wall mounted single bathroom vanity for a modern look or a pedestal sink vanity for the classic look, you can save space and make the most of what you’ve got with a corner vanity unit. By using matching wall mirrors and other accessories you can further enhance the look and increase the visual size of the room. Corner bathroom vanities are truly a space saving marvel. So if you’ve got a small bathroom space and just don’t know what to do with it, this could be your ideal solution.