How to Choose a Vanity Top for Your Bathroom

    Natural Stone

    Natural stone (included granite, marble and other stones) is one of the most popular materials for the surface. These surfaces are available in a wide variety of beautiful colors and have natural textures with glossy finishes. Such as granite surface, won’t blister, scratch or crack, they are highly stain resistant.

    However must be sealed regularly to avoid staining. Natural stone tops are made to accept a separate under mount sink bowl made of porcelain, steel, glass, or cast iron. These bowls are typically fastened to the vanity top by the fabricator. Also, these tops are offered with or without a separate backsplash. Overall, natural stone is the most expensive and popular vanity top option.


    Engineered Stone

    Engineered stone is typically made of quartz and silica that are bonded together under high temperature and pressure. It is available in an extensive array of granite, marble, and other stone looks, colors and glossy finishes. Unlike natural stone, engineered does not require sealing, is more durable, less susceptible to cracking, and resists stains, mildew, and bacteria. Many varieties of engineered stone have anti-bacterial treatments built right into the surface. Engineered stone surface also can attach the same sinks as natural stone surface.


    Solid Surface

    Vanity tops made from composite resins are referred to as Solid Surface Vanity Tops. Because the tops are manufactured, they are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns with a matte finish. The surface is manufactured to be durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and, in some cases, repairable. Maintaining a solid surface is easy, stains and scratches can easily be sanded out and there is no sealing that needs to happen. These tops are usually made with a seamless bowl of neutral color or a color-matched bowl.

    However, solid surface tops can also have other types of bowls attached to them. These tops can be offered with or without a backsplash, either loose or molded as one piece for the easiest cleaning. Overall, these tops are less expensive than Natural or Engineered Stone but more expensive than other options.

    So, which vanity top could be fit for your requirement?