Guidelines in Maintaining the Beauty of Ceramic Sink


    Guidelines in Maintaining the Beauty of Ceramic Sink


           To keep the sink's appearance the following guidelines must be followed, failure to do so may result in damage of the product.

    The use of a plastic washing-up bowl should be avoided as dirt can get embedded in the bowl and this may scratch the sink glaze. Baskets or grids are available for the sink bowls and drainer to help reduce the risk of damage and extend the working life of the sink.

    Strong chemicals and alkalis such as ammonia, caustic soda, paint strippers, brush cleaners and nail varnish removers must not come into contact with the sink because they can cause damage.

    Please take care not to drop any objects e.g. knifes from an excessive height as this may chip or crack the surface glaze.

    Do not place hot pans straight from the cooker onto the sink as this may cause crazing to the surface finish.

    Ceramic sinks can be cleaned with most cleaners, including mild abrasives. Metallic pan scrubbers are not recommended as metal on ceramic can cause grey marks. These grey marks can also be caused by pans and cutlery, they can be removed by a mild abrasive cleaner (i.e. kitchen cleaner that contains maximum 5% bleach only) and a non-metallic pan scrubber. 

    Bleach can be used on the sink, but please ensure sink is rinsed thoroughly.


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