How to Effectively Upgrade your bathroom

    Upgrading Your Bathroom



    Effectively Upgrading Your Bathroom

    There are many ways to instantly improve the appearance and utility of your bathroom, but most would agree that the most important components of any bathroom renovation are the appliances and furnishings you install. From exquisite bathroom vanities to stunning vessel sinks and bathroom mirrors, the installations you choose and how they interact will ultimately define your bathroom’s style.

    Bathroom vanities are, essentially, the centerpieces of any bathroom. Not only are they elegant furnishings that enhance the bathroom’s visual aesthetic, but they also serve myriad practical functions that will improve the efficiency of your bathroom. Most vanities feature large cabinets with ample storage space so you can stow al your toiletries out of sight, but still easily within reach. Vanities also provide a useful and large countertop, giving you as much surface area as you may need.


    Optional Vanity Materials

    The wonderful thing about bath vanities, though, is that you are sure to find one that suits your tastes and style.  They come in a number of designs and materials, from rich woods like oak, mahogany, and cherry, to sleek metals like stainless steel and copper.  Countertops often come in stone materials such as rajah slate, granite, or marble.  Mixing and matching distinct countertops with intriguing vanity cabinets will yield unique and enthralling results.

    Vessel Sinks

    Vessel sinks, like modern vanities, are also highly effective blends of both form and function. Basically, they are wash basins that have a decidedly classic, vintage feel to them. They are not like the standard self-rimming porcelain sinks you find in every normal bathroom. Rather, they generally rest above the countertop or slightly recessed into it; in this way, they are highly noticeable and decorative, while still retaining their most basic function. Because they rest above the counter, they are much more liberal in their design than traditional sinks. They can often be found in rectangular or circular shapes, though some simply defy definition. The depths and materials of these sinks also vary heavily, so you will need to pick a vessel sink modern vanity that matches your bath vanity plan and the design of your bathroom as a whole.



    Other Accessories

    Bathroom vanity mirrors are yet another way to add glamour and functionality to your bathroom.  These installations are very useful not simply because they offer you a crisp reflection of yourself, but also because that reflective property illuminates your bathroom with far more efficiency than normal natural light.  With large and beautiful vanity mirrors, you will easily improve visibility in your bathroom and create a far more welcoming environment within it.  Truly, vanity mirrors are an absolute necessity: could you even imagine shaving or applying makeup without them?  And if you have to have them, you may as well have them looking beautiful.  Check out the broad range of vanity mirrors available to you and find the perfect mirror for your home’s theme and design.

    The wonderful thing about all of these appliances is the way they complement each other so effortlessly.  While a uniform bathroom is neat and aesthetically comforting, it may be worth your while to fully consider all of your design options.  For example, consider a rich dark wood vanity cabinet and a granite vessel sink, paired with a stainless-steel framed bathroom mirror.  Or perhaps a light wood vanity cabinet with a marble countertop and a wrought-iron vanity mirror, for a more rustic character that will exude personality and sophistication.  In the end, it is up to your discretion to pick the perfect bathroom remodeling appliances.  With some imagination and planning, you can have a fantastic bathroom with the perfect bathroom installations in no time at all.      


    Customizing your vanity

    Many companies are offering ways that your can create your own bathroom vanity.  These vanities are often sold as seperate vanity cabinets with no stone or granite top.  These no top vanities allow you to match the granite and stone that is already being used in your bathroom.  Many people have gone all the way with this idea installing matching stone vessel sinks and custom faucets.  This makes each vanity truly unique and lets the buyer determine exactly what will fit well into their home.  Interior designers are big buyers of no top vanities because it allows them to fill the exact needs of their client.  When installing any stone top to a vanity you must make sure that the stone is properly sealed.  Marble is a porous stone and can experience water damage.  This is easily prevented with a proper stone sealent. 

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